several conversements: conversement #12: blockages

Conversement #12

from: Ted
to: Vok Nutritional Severices

Dear Vok Nutritional Services,

I have been experienceing severe t o mild abdominal pain at regular frequencies throughout the day. On close and thorough inspection, under both micro-and macro-scopic viewings, it is evident that my intestines have become clogged with a strange, thick, foul looking substance. Is it sausages, do you think?

Ted, A Worrier

from: Vok Nutrition
to: Ted

Mr. A. Worrier,

The only way to be sure is to start eating sausages. If they displace the original contents then it confirms that it was, indeed, sausages. If it doesn’t, return to the rotary chamber.

Toby’s Assistant
(just kidding, it is I, Toby)

from: Ted
to: Nutrivok

Assisted Toby,

Thamk ye. Suasauge it be. gbejhe dhjfhgjbdenneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

from: Ted
to: NuVo


A series of serious seizures seized me, leading to unexplicable poundings upon the keys of my textichord. I am, however, better now.

Thank you

Ted (sausageless)


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