The transformer

The stone appeared in the middle of the town and anyone who touched it was transformed or at least improved in some way.

Ted touched it by mistake and his eyes regrew and a few of his fins receded.

A seagull landed on it and became a crow and a crow landed on it and become a raven and a raven landed on it and became a new bird that was exactly the same as a crow and a raven but even bigger again it was huge.

A man playing a trumpet leant against it and his trumpet became one of those huge tubas that wrap themselves around you and it wrapped itself around him and wouldn’t let go and also his lungs doubled in size so he he could play all day long he changed his name to Simon Fourlungs he was a great success.

A cat brushed up against it and was unchanged (cats are essentially unimprovable).

I danced and tricked my way to the front of the queue and looked up at the stone and then I touched the stone and the stone exploded and everyone was furious with me for the rest of the year.

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